Quality Policy

qualitypolicyLead Technologies Private Limited is well aware of the need to fulfill its obligations under any contract with a customer to produce the desire outcome in a cost effective, planned, systematic and legal manner with assessment to determine and to achieve quality and economy in the execution of the Company’s business scope.

This policy intends to benefit both the customer and the Company through increasing customer satisfaction, leading to growth in existing markets and investment in new market areas. Of vital importance is our commitment to supply quality products which comply to the contractual, statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to the products and deliver a proactive and timely pre- and post- order service to our customers.

The Quality Management system is designed to meet ISO 9001:2008 inclusive of statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to the product requirement and in addition, through programs of continuous improvement, in which all employees are required to participate, the system including the policy and objective is continually reviewed, achieved and improved. The Quality Management Representative is responsible for developing, implementing, monitoring and controlling the system in compliance with this Quality Policy Statement.